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National Electoral Education Centre

Conveniently located in the Senate Wing of Old Parliament House, the National Electoral Education Centre (NEEC) is a fun and interactive way to learn about Australia’s electoral system.


Program Information
The NEEC offers a range of programmes designed to suit various ages and interests. You can choose from sessions focused on the House of Representatives, the Senate, the referendum process, and youth as eligible electors.
Curriculum links

All programmes are conducted by an Electoral Educator and provide curriculum links to units on democracy, civics and citizenship, and courses in Australian History, Politics and Legal Studies.

The experience

During a visit to the NEEC participants will:

  • enjoy a spectacular multimedia presentation on the history of democracy and elections in Australia in a purpose-built theatrette
  • enhance their knowledge of the electoral process through hands-on activities in our Discovery Zone
  • vote in an election and experience first-hand the electoral process and allocation of preferences. (We will need plenty of polling officials and scrutineers to help us count the votes!)