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Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

At the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) we believe in providing unique and transformational learning experiences. Our programmes provide opportunities for deep engagement with the ideas and practices of democracy and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Our facilitated programmes are eligible for PACER rebate. See pacer.org.au. All programmes MUST be booked.

Primary programmes

Franklin River Debate: 1983
In a facilitated workshop, students examine objects to understand different perspectives before debating the World Heritage Properties Conservation Bill 1983 as politicians in a historic chamber. Max 45

Who’s the Boss?
Students discover their role in Australia’s democracy using interactive technology in our democracy exhibitions and participating in a role-play in a historic chamber. Max 60

We Can Make a Difference
In this hands-on programme students explore active citizenship through the Play Up exhibition and UNICEF’s school-in-a-box to interrogate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Max 25

Retrospective Detective
In this new self-guided programme, students work in small teams to uncover hidden history throughout some of the building’s key spaces. Explore heritage objects and the rich stories of the building. Max 35

Secondary programmes

Our Voices, Our Choices
Students explore how people are heard in Australia’s democracy, through interactive technology in our democracy exhibitions, and by taking on the role of politicians in a historic debate. Max 60

1975 Prime Minister Dismissed!
What does this significant event tell us about Australian democracy? Students recreate the drama through political figures, authentic speeches and historic spaces where the key events unfolded. Max 45

The Zine Lounge
Document your story, express your views, write your own narrative, create your own media—and publish a handmade zine. Max 30\

Behind the Lines
This exhibition celebrates the work of political cartoonists and presents different perspectives on political history and contemporary events. This programme is designed to unpack political cartoons for students. Available as a booked self-guided experience. Max 30

Memories of the Struggle: Australians Against Apartheid
This exhibition explores how Australian activists used law, protest, aid and boycotts to help bring change, creating a new democratic, post-Apartheid South Africa. Available as self-guide experience.