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National Dinosaur Museum

History and Science collide to reveal the prehistoric giants of the past.

Australia’s National Dinosaur Museum, one of Canberra’s premier tourist attractions, contains more than 50 skeleton and skull displays and over 50 lifelike dinosaur models, as well as many animatronic dinosaurs which move, roar, bite, blink, and even breathe!

Travelling through the 165 million years during which dinosaurs ruled the planet, students gain a unique insight into the biology of dinosaurs, palaeontology and its history, the evolution of species, and earth’s ancient history.

Guided Tours

Our experienced guides begin with the earliest dinosaurs and progress through the different eras, incorporating Australian dinosaurs, extinction and Ice Ages, and finishing with a look at the more recent history of Australian megafauna. Photographs are welcome at the end of the discussion in each section.

During their experience students have the opportunity to place their hands on a genuine 150 million year old dinosaur bone, touch a real 150 kg meteorite or hold a piece of 100 million year old fossilised dinosaur dung.

Recently we have also welcomed a vast range of rare fossils to our display cabinets, and an impressive array of genuine Neolithic Stone Age tools and weapons.

We provide an interactive experience which allows students to learn about dinosaurs in a fun-filled, informative and age appropriate way. Tours are available day and night, and are tailored to suit all primary and secondary students.

Each programme runs for 90 minutes, with a 60 minute tour, and 30 minutes to experience our interactive areas or browse through Canberra’s largest display of fossils, minerals and natural crystal specimens.