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Parliament House

A visit to Parliament House engages and challenges students while they learn about Australia’s representative democracy in the home of the federal Parliament.

Tour of Parliament 60 min

Parliament House provides school groups with a free, informative and interactive experience that includes a visit to the Senate and House of Representatives chambers. Visiting schools have the opportunity to learn about the role and function of Australia’s Federal Parliament. When Parliament is sitting, students are taken to soundproof galleries above the chambers where they are able to watch parliament, ask questions and learn about parliamentary procedure. Students also have the opportunity to learn about the building’s impressive architecture and aspects of the Parliament House Art Collection.

Parliamentary Role-play 60 min

The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) facilitates a range of one-hour role-play programmes that explore how the Parliament works. Acting as parliamentarians and parliamentary officials, students learn about the role and functions of the Federal Parliament by considering issues of national importance.

During the role-play students explore how:

  • elected members of Parliament represent the people
  • the government is formed
  • the Parliament makes laws for Australia
  • the Parliament scrutinises the government and its decisions

PEO role-plays are facilitated by qualified and experienced educators and take place in a real parliamentary setting, complete with costumes and props.

Hospitality 30 min

Refreshments are provided by the Parliament for students and their teachers in the Queen’s Terrace Gallery. During this 30-minute break members of the House of Representatives and the Australian Senate, when available, can take this opportunity to meet with schools from their electorates and states.